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File Notes contain background information that can be used to build knowledge in relation to a client or a contact. Being able to effectively capture, store and retrieve this information for every client is a powerful feature in Document Manager. File Notes can be used as a historic record of all your dealings with contacts and clients — meetings, phone calls, emails, letters can all be noted.

A File Note captures the date, time and author each time an entry is made to Document Manager. File Notes are stored in your database.

You can also link existing Document Manager items to file notes. This is an excellent way of summarising a job and keeping all the documents together.

A File Note in Document Manager is a special Document Type (see Document Types tab).

To specify a document as a File Note, first set the Application Type as MYOB File Note. See Document Types tab for details.

Creating a new file note is the same as creating any new document in Document Manager (see Creating new documents). Just select the Add File Note option on the Tasks bar. Once created, the new file note opens in the client’s or contact’s File Note tab.

For details, see: