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Do you report to the ATO using Single Touch Payroll? If so, payment summaries are a thing of the past. If you've reported a pay incorrectly, the next time you process the pay the correct YTD totals will be submitted to the ATO. See Changing a recorded pay for details.

But if you're after information about amending a payment summary - here it is:

The way you amend a payment summary depends on whether or not you've lodged the payment summary annual report (EMPDUPE file) with the ATO:

If the EMPDUPE file this...
not been lodgedGo through the payment summary process again to generate amended payment summaries for your employees. This also allows you to create a new EMPDUPE file. Discard any previously created EMPDUPE file.
been lodgedCreate a new payment summary for the employee and a new EMPDUPE file (containing the amended info) for the ATO - see below for details.
To amend a payment summary

To amend a payment summary

  1. Go to the Payroll menu and choose PAYG payment summaries.
  2. Choose the Financial year the payment summary was prepared for and select the employees who require amendments.
  3. Click Enter payment summary info.

    PAYG Payment Summary Centre with enter payment summary info button highlighted
  4. Click Edit summary details.

    edit summary details button highlighted
  5. At the first question, select Yes, this is an amendment.

    amendment option selected and highlighted
  6. Continue the payment summary process as normal, amending the payment summaries as required.
  7. Print, email and/or save the finalised amended payment summaries.
  8. Create a new EMPDUPE file. This file will only contain amendment info for the selected employees.
  9. Lodge this file using the ATO Business Portal.