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If a document is added that will be used to merge information you will need to ensure that it includes the specific Microsoft Word bookmarks that are required by MYOB Intranet. These bookmarks allow you to merge between the standard document and the stationery documents. For information on using Microsoft Word bookmarks, refer to the Microsoft Word help.

Bookmarks in standard documents used for merge

Two bookmarks are required in the standard documents used for merge:

  1. At the beginning of the standard text, add a bookmark called “BodyStart”.

  2. At the end of the standard text, add another bookmark called “BodyEnd”.

Bookmarks in stationery documents

If you are creating stationery documents, insert a bookmark called “StandardTextMark” where you want the body of the text from the standard documents to start. For example, this might be two lines below the header.

Bookmarks used in the merge

During the merge, the text in the standard document between the 'BodyStart' and 'BodyEnd' will be inserted after the 'StandardTextMark' bookmark in the stationery document. Anything in the stationery document that follows after the 'StandardTextMark' bookmark, will appear at the end of the text from the standard document.

To insert bookmarks into stationery
  1. Click the Administration link. The MYOB Intranet Administration window opens.
  2. Click the Stationery folder in the Navigation panel then double click the required Stationery Item. Microsoft Word opens and displays the Stationery Item.
  3. Place the cursor where you want to insert the Bookmark then select the Insert menu option and click Bookmark. The Bookmark window appears.
  4. Type “StandardTextMark” in the Bookmark name field and click Add. The Bookmark window closes.
  5. Click the Save icon. The changes to the Stationery template are saved.