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The Tools > Configuration option contains general MYOB Intranet settings. This are nominally configured during the installation of MYOB Document Manager and MYOB Intranet.

The settings in the configuration would NOT usually be changed after installation.

To configure MYOB Intranet settings
  1. Access the MYOB Intranet Administration window. See Administration and maintenance.
  2. Select Tools > Configuration on the main menu. The Configuration window opens.
  3. Enter the Contents Path.
    Click the ellipse button to open the Browse For Folder window to find and select the appropriate location. The Contents Path is the location where the MYOB Intranet data is held. This is specified as part of the MYOB Intranet installation. All the documents and other files for the MYOB Intranet content are stored in one folder. This would usually be a server location. When a file is added or imported, it is assigned a unique, internal “GUID” identifier. The file is stored in the folder specified in the Contents Path.
  4. Enter the Server Name. This is the name of the SQL server. This is specified as part of the MYOB Intranet installation. This database holds the links to and the settings for all the MYOB Intranet items.
  5. Enter the Login Name and Password. This is the default login name and password for the MYOB Intranet database.
  6. Enter the Database. This is the name of the MYOB Intranet database.
  7. Click OK. The Configuration window closes and the configuration details are updated.