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An item can be marked as deleted. This sets its status to Deleted so that it no longer displays in the categories. It does not physically delete the document.

To delete documents and items
  1. Access the MYOB Intranet Administration window. See Administration and maintenance.
  2. Right-click the item in the MYOB Intranet Administration Item View and select Delete Document.
    Select the item and then select Edit > Delete Document. The MYOB Intranet confirmation message appears requesting confirmation to delete the selected document. You can delete more than one item at a time.
  3. Click Yes to delete the item or click No to cancel the deletion of the item. You can also change the status of an item to Deleted in Document properties.


When an item is marked with the status Deleted, all other details in the Properties (such as the original category selections) are retained. This allows you to republish an item without having to reset its details.

To permanently delete an item

An item can only be permanently deleted if it has a status of Deleted. An item that has a status of Deleted displays in the Status - Deleted view in the left-hand panel.

  1. Access the MYOB Intranet Administration window. See Administration and maintenance.
  2. Display the Status > Deleted view.
  3. Right-click an item and select Delete Document. A MYOB Intranet confirmation dialog appears requesting confirmation to permanently delete the selected document and its history.
  4. Click Yes. The item will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored from within MYOB Intranet.
To delete stationery

We've prepared a self-paced online learning Show Me demonstration to show how to delete stationery. Click the link to launch.