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MYOB Intranet Administration is only accessible by employees with intranet administration rights. Management generally nominate an intranet administrator to maintain the contents of the MYOB Intranet.

Intranet administration functions include:

  • adding, maintaining and deleting the categories
  • adding, maintaining and deleting standard/stationery items
  • configuring and managing the team members - updating roles assigned to employees and specific configuration settings.
To access MYOB Intranet Administration
  1. in AE/AO, on the toolbar, click the Documents drop-down and choose Intranet. The MYOB Intranet window opens.
  2. On the navigation bar, click the Administration link. The login window appears.
  3. Select a login name.

    The Administration functions can only be accessed if your MYOB intranet login has been configured as an MYOB Intranet administrator.

  4. Enter the Password. Click Login. The MYOB Intranet Administration window opens.