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There are two types of items and documents in MYOB Intranet:

  • Standard items
    Standard items are the documents and other items that make up the content of MYOB Intranet. These can be, e.g., documents, spreadsheets, presentations or a file from any other type of application.
    These can also be links to web sites. Microsoft Word documents can contain text. They can also include merge fields. These can be configured to access information from your practice management system and/or to prompt staff members to enter information directly.

  • Stationery documents
    Stationery documents contain layout and formatting that can be applied to Microsoft Word documents. Staff members can select a stationery document when using Create Document in MYOB Document Manager to provide layout features such as headers, footers, fonts, etc.

When using merge, there are specific bookmarks that must be included in the Standard documents and the Stationery documents. See Bookmarks.

From the MYOB Intranet Administration window, you can also configure the links that are available to users in the Applications section.