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The navigation bar at the top of the MYOB Intranet window contains the following options.



Administration link

MYOB Intranet Administration will only be displayed if you have been configured as an administrator. Clicking the Administration link prompts you to login as an administrator before displaying the MYOB Intranet Administration window.

My Applications link

The Applications section in the left-hand menu contains applications that have been added by your MYOB Intranet administrator. The My Applications link allows you to add additional links to applications for your own use. These display in a separate User Applications sub-section within the Applications section.

Help link

This link enables you to access MYOB Intranet online help.

Search field

The Searching field enables you perform a simple search for a word or phrase. Enter the search criteria and click the magnifying glass icon. The search results are displayed in the view.

Advanced Search link

Clicking the Advanced search link displays a separate window with filters that can be applied when searching for information in MYOB Intranet.