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A variety of items can be held in MYOB Intranet, e.g., a document (for a letter, fax etc), a spreadsheet and a presentation. MYOB Intranet can be used to read information such as news items, policies and procedures. A new document, spreadsheet, presentation, etc. can be created using the configured standard templates.

All the information that is available in MYOB Intranet is configured by the MYOB Intranet administrator. Items can be made available to all users of MYOB Intranet or they can be restricted to users with a certain role or position.

To access MYOB Intranet information

All information in MYOB Intranet is accessed in the same way:

  1. Select an item. You can select:

    • directly from a view displayed with one of the categories in the menu

    • from one of the special views

    • from your Favourites

    • using Search. See Locating and selecting an item in Procedure overview.

  2. Right-click the item and select one of the following options:

From the Item view, you can also use the following functions:

  • Click an item that is a web link to open the web page in your browser. See Opening a web link in Opening an item.

  • Add items to your Favourites.