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New Zealand only

Authorising MYOB establishes a link between MYOB and Inland Revenue (IR) for payday filing. It's a one-off task that must be done by each person who submits employment information.

The business's myIR account owner would have authorised MYOB when they set up payday filing. But if you're not the business's myIR account owner, you will need to be delegated access to submit payday filing information via myIR.

You can then authorise MYOB as follows:


To authorise MYOB
  1. Go to Payroll > Payday filing.
  2. Click the Inland Revenue settings tab.
  3. Click Authorise MYOB to open the myIR login page.
  4. Enter the myIR user ID and password for your business (not your personal account details) and click Login to complete the authorisation.