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Each month we release improvements, new features and bug fixes to MYOB Business. You'll also notice these changes if you use AccountRight in a browser or if you use the new MYOB Essentials in New Zealand.

What we've released in March

Online Invoice Payments AUSTRALIA ONLY

Send invoices by SMS

When you email an invoice set up for Online Invoice Payments, there's now an option to also send an SMS with a link to the online invoice. Make sure your customers see your invoices and prevent them getting lost in a busy inbox.

The Dashboard

Clearer and more helpful information

We’re rolling out a completely revised and improved Dashboard. In the new Bank accounts section, you’ll see the last-synced bank feed date and unallocated transactions for each account. Cash received and spent is included in the new Income and Expenses sections. And if you’ve upgraded from MYOB Essentials, we’ve brought back some favourites.

Eventually, all MYOB Business and AccountRight browser users will have these and many other enhancements – find out about the new Dashboard.


Create sales orders to put items and services on order

Use sales orders to create a centralised record of your customer orders that you can pull up at any time, anywhere. When you enter a sales order for an inventoried item, it's marked as committed to customers, helping your purchasing department make informed inventory ordering decisions. You can use sales orders for both goods-based and service-based businesses. Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • Your chosen GST clearing account now appears on the Cash movement and Budget management reports.
  • Spend money attachments now show the correct file size.
  • When you add a new account while you're creating a recurring general journal entry, the new account now appears in the Account field.

Previous releases

February 2023


Improved pay runs

Temporarily assign a pay item during the pay run

When you do a pay run you can add any existing pay item to an employee's pay. The pay item will only apply for this pay.

Check employee leave balances during the pay run

During a pay run you can see current and projected leave balances by hovering over the information icon for any leave wage pay item.

See the hourly rate for wage pay items during the pay run

When you view an employee's pay details during the pay run, you'll see the hourly rate for each wage pay item in the Rate column.

Handling pay rate changes in saved pay runs

If a pay rate has changed since you saved a pay run, you'll see an alert icon against the affected pay item. Click the icon and then click Update to use the new rate, otherwise the original rate will be used.

Learn more...

Bank feeds

Clearer information and guidance when setting up bank feeds
There's more information during the bank feed signup process. When your bank feed is connected, you'll see a notification on your Dashboard telling you to link it to an MYOB account.


Refreshed the look of the getting started tasks you'll follow when setting up a new MYOB Business file.

Bug fixes

  • Pay run error messages are now displayed correctly.
  • We fixed an issue that caused some bank feed rules to result in an out-of-balance bank reconciliation.
  • Bank account number no longer appears blank in the Chart of accounts when setting up electronic payments.

  • We fixed an issue that was preventing some employees from being added to the MYOB Team admin portal.

  • Refund amounts applied to bills now display correctly in the Job profit and loss comparison report.
January 2023

Bug fixes

  • Report PDF style templates with the page layout set to Landscape and Compact now display 12 columns correctly.
  • The Job profit and loss comparison report now only shows transactions related to the specified jobs.
  • You can now click the cost of sales account in the Profit and loss report to see the related transactions.
  • The reports in the default Management Report report pack now use the accounting method based on your report settings.

December 2022


Easier leave setup
New MYOB Business files now come with default leave pay items for salaried and hourly-based employees. This ensures leave accrues and is paid out correctly for full time and part time employees. Learn more...

Bug fixes

  • The Balance sheet report now prevents you from using the Breakdown option when in Cash mode, preventing incorrect display of breakdown amounts.
  • You now receive a confirmation email when an item import has failed.
  • Trial users are no longer presented with a payroll onboarding task if they've indicated they have no employees.
  • The Cash movement report no longer displays an error when using the Compare to budget option.
  • You can now successfully open a copied budget if the Auto calculate bank accounts option has been selected.
  • The Employer deduction report can now be viewed using Safari and Firefox web browsers.
November 2022


Improved error messages across a range of payroll workflows, including when:

  • entering employee payroll information such as pay slip email address and hours in a pay cycle
  • choosing the pay cycle in a pay run and no employees match that pay cycle
  • setting up and deleting pay items.

More help for rejected STP submissions
If an STP submission has the error CMN.ATO.GEN.XML03 due to missing or invalid information, you'll now see details of the field that's causing the issue and be directed to information to help you fix it.

Better guidance when paying super
We've improved the error message that shows while processing super payments if a selected super fund is no longer accepting contributions.


Clearer options in the Include items filter in the Stock on hand and Item list reports to better indicate what will be shown in the report.

You can now click into inventory adjustment transactions in the Balance sheet report to see details of the adjustment

Bug fixes

  • The Bank transactions page now allows account numbers to be found if they contain slashes (/).
  • The GST return and GST report in a report pack now shows the correct accounting method for cash/payments mode.

  • The General ledger report now shows correct amounts after applying multiple matching payment amounts to invoices and bills.
  • Users can now only access reports matching their permission level. ACCOUNTRIGHT BROWSER
  • The General ledger report now shows the correct tax/GST codes for invoices or bills containing items that have different tax/GST codes.
  • The Balance sheet report now shows the correct Variance % when comparing values to last year.
  • The Balance sheet report now prevents you from using the Breakdown option when in Cash mode, preventing incorrect display of breakdown amounts.
  • You now receive a confirmation email when an item import has failed.
  • Trial users are no longer presented with a payroll onboarding task if they've indicated they have no employees.
October 2022


You can now pay your employees in MYOB Business
Pay your employees, keep track of leave and stay compliant with PAYE and KiwiSaver. Find out more about payroll.

Easier to expand an employee's pay during a pay run
You can now click anywhere in the row to view or change the details of that employee's pay. Previously you could only click the dropdown arrow to do this.


Save your progress when moving to STP Phase 2
If you get interrupted or need to check some details, you can keep what you've already entered so you don't have to start from scratch when you come back.

Find out how to fix rejected pays
If a pay is rejected by the ATO, you'll see clearer info i n the STP reporting centre that tells you how to fix it.

Pay slip email addresses are filled in automatically
When entering a new employee, the email address you enter on their Contact details tab is automatically added as their pay slip email address on the Payroll details tab.

Clearer message when resuming a pay run after changing employee pay items
If you've saved a pay run then change the pay items for an included employee, you'll now see an error message explaining that you can't resume the pay run but will need to create a new pay run instead.

More guidance when paying employees aged under 18
If a pay run includes an employee aged under 18, regardless of pay frequency you'll be reminded to confirm their hours worked, helping you stay on top of your super obligations.

Improved super calculations
Super guarantee amounts are now calculated only on the current pay cycle. If a threshold is set in a super expense pay item category (not super guarantee) the super calculation only includes previous pay periods if the threshold is exceeded.

Easier to expand an employee's pay during a pay run
You can now click anywhere in the row to view or change the details of that employee's pay. Previously you could only click the dropdown arrow to do this.

Extra information about sending an update event
We've improved the description of the Send update event button to make it clearer that using it will create a zero dollar pay run to update the ATO with your employees' latest year-to-date figures.

More help for rejected STP submissions
If a pay run is rejected by the ATO for errors SBR.GEN.AUTH.006, SBR.GEN.AUTH.008 or CMN.ATO.PAYEVNT.EM99507, you'll see details of the rejection and be directed to information to help you fix it.

Ensuring an employee's default pay item matches their pay basis
You can now only remove an employee from the Base Hourly or Base Salary pay item if the employee's pay basis (hourly or salary) is different to the pay item's pay basis. For example, you can't remove an hourly paid employee from the Base Hourly pay item.


Include all your inventory items in reports
You now have the option to show items with a zero quantity or value in your inventory reports. This gives you a more complete view of your inventory.

An item name is no longer mandatory when creating an item.

The current value of inventoried items is now shown in your items list.

Inventory -  account info message has been updated on invoice screen. Account info message has been updated on invoice screen  for creating and updating invoices. 


Clearer report names and descriptions
The Receivables with tax and Payables with tax reports are now called the Receivables reconciliation with tax and Payables reconciliation with tax reports. We've also improved the descriptions of these reports, along with the descriptions for the Unpaid invoices and Unpaid bills reports.


Transactions from the previous financial year will now be included when you import a bank statement.

Bug fixes

  • If you're missing a linked account and trying to create an invoice or bill, you'll now see a clear message guiding you to set the linked account.
  • When creating a purchase order via the reorder report, the item name now appears as expected in the Description field of the purchase order.
  • Fixed an issue in the Banking reconciliation report that was incorrectly assigning cheques and deposits, causing the Expected balance on statement to be calculated incorrectly.
  • A user with the Purchases role can no longer access the prepare electronic payments feature. This removes the possibility of a user without payroll access seeing employee pay amounts.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing exports for accountants to include transactions for the day after the specified date range.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error when processing future-dated pays. AUSTRALIA ONLY
  • If you've processed a super payment including a negative value, for example after reversing a pay, you'll no longer see duplicated amounts in the General ledger report. AUSTRALIA ONLY
  • Improved the error message shown if you try to delete an inventory item which has stock on hand.

September 2022


STP 2 is back and better
In July we paused transitions to STP Phase 2 to improve the in-product experience. But the wait is over – you can now make the move to STP Phase 2. Find out how...

Better guidance when completing the move to STP Phase 2

It's now clearer that you need to send your latest payroll info to the ATO in order to finish the move to STP Phase 2.

Improved STP reporting centre for mobile devices

The STP reporting centre now displays better on a range of mobile device screen sizes.

Quickly solve "Cessation Reason Code" errors in STP reports

We've made it clearer how to fix STP reports with a status of Accepted with errors if a terminated employee's termination reason is missing.

Employee ordering in the YTD verification report now matches the order in pay runs

Employees are now sorted alphabetically by last name, making it easier to compare the report with your pay transactions and other reports.

Making sure your ETPs are reported correctly

If you need to undo a pay that contains an employment termination payment (ETP), you'll now only be able to reverse it instead of delete it. This makes sure the reversal is reported properly to the ATO.

Smoother switch to STP Phase 2 for "Other" type employees

Employees whose Employment basis is set to Other aren't included in your STP reporting, so the details of these are employees are no longer checked during the move to STP Phase 2.

Bank feeds

Easily tell when your bank hasn't sent an account balance
When your bank doesn't send an account balance with your bank feed, the Bank feed balance now shows $-- instead of $0.


Save time when entering invoices
You can now choose a default Notes to customer when entering an invoice.

Easier note management
Save changes to a Notes to customer when entering an invoice.


Easier to read exported reports
When you export a report to Excel or PDF, unexpanded rows are no longer bolded. Only the totals are bolded making them easier to read.  

Quickly see if there are customised GST codes in your GST return report
You'll be warned that these GST codes won't be included in the report.

Bug fixes

  • Transactions dated earlier than the opening balance date in your business settings no longer show in reports, regardless of the date range filters.
  • Bank rules with multiple conditions no longer display display a separate rules on the Bank rules page.
  • The full rate of a Tax/GST code is now displayed on the Tax/GST codes page. Previously the decimal places were hidden.
  • If your MYOB business is not set up for GST, you'll no longer see the tax/GST options when setting up a general journal recurring transaction.
  • GST code description is no longer cut off when displaying the GST code list in invoices. NEW ZEALAND
  • Bill payments with discounts or that were applied from supplier returns can now be opened via the bill's activity history.
  • You'll no longer get an error when trying to duplicate a quote which has been converted to an invoice.
  • MYE exports are no longer missing journals from the last day of the period being exported.
  • STP reports that contain only hourly wage pay items are now correctly sent to the ATO as a pay event instead of an update event. AUSTRALIA ONLY
  • The superannuation calculation for employees aged under 18 no longer includes previous pays. AUSTRALIA ONLY
  • Resuming a saved pay run now remembers the employees who were selected for the pay run when it was saved. AUSTRALIA ONLY

  • Updated the tax rates used for Accounting Income Method (AIM) tax reporting for the 2022 tax year. NEW ZEALAND

August 2022

Employee self-onboarding AUSTRALIA ONLY

  • Send new employee self-onboarding requests via SMS
    Enter a mobile phone number if you want to send your new employee a self-onboarding request via an SMS message as well as by email.

Single touch payroll AUSTRALIA ONLY

  • Easier previous year reporting
    The Send update event button is now available for previous payroll years, so you no longer need to record a $0 pay to send updated information to the ATO.

  • Improved instructions when setting up STP
    When you're moving to STP Phase 2, it's clearer that MYOB Business is only showing how your ATO reporting categories are assigned for STP Phase 2, but not checking if they meet the ATO's requirements.
    Also, if you're moving to MYOB from different software, it's now clearer that you only need to transfer your BMS ID if you've used the other software to report via STP in the current financial year.

  • Easily see if you're on STP Phase 1 or 2
    You'll now see which STP phase you're reporting on at the top of the screen in the STP reporting centre.

  • More help available when finalising
    Click the info icon on the EOFY finalisation tab to see details of what happens when you finalise an employee or remove their finalisation.


  • Edit customer note templates directly from invoices
    You can now save any changes you make to customer notes while working on an invoice. Previously you could only do this in your sales settings.


  • Export your items so you can update them in bulk
    You can now export the details of your items. This is a quick way to bulk update your items by editing the exported file in Excel and importing the changes back into MYOB.
  • Include freight costs in sales and purchases
    There's a new Freight field in invoices, quotes, bills, purchase orders, supplier returns and customer credits to record associated freight costs.
  • More streamlined item ordering
    When you print or email a bill or purchase order, the Supplier item ID will appear on the PDF (if you've enter it in the item), making it easier for your supplier to identify their item.
  • Quickly duplicate items
    If you need to create similar items, duplicate an existing item then customise it as required.
  • Always use the right account for your items
    When adding an item to a sale or purchase, the income or expense account you've set for the item will always be used. If you need to change this account you'll need to do it in the item.

Tax/GST codes

  • More flexibility in your Tax/GST codes
    You can now change the Tax type/GST type in your Tax/GST codes


  • Quickly see how much super your employees have accrued and how much you've paid AUSTRALIA ONLY
    The Superannuation payments report shows the super amounts your employees have accrued in their pay runs, and the super amounts you've paid to their super funds. This is a great way to see any amounts you're yet to pay to a super fund.
  • Smarter GST reporting
    The GST report and GST return report are now automatically filtered according to the accounting method and frequency chosen in your GST report settings.
  • Quickly see if there are consolidated or customised tax codes in your GST return report AUSTRALIA ONLY
    You'll be warned that these tax codes won't be included in the report.
  • All super payment details in one place AUSTRALIA ONLY
    You can now click the super accrued and super paid amounts in the Superannuation payments report to see details of the associated pay runs and Pay Super transactions.
  • Include inactive employees in the Superannuation payments report AUSTRALIA ONLY
    When choosing the employees to show in the Superannuation payments report, you can now include inactive employees. This ensures that all superannuation records will be shown for the specified date range.
  • More complete Pay run history report AUSTRALIA ONLY
    The Pay run history report now shows pay runs that include pays and pay items that total to zero for the specified date range. The report now includes all relevant pay runs and only excludes pay runs where all the pay items are zero.
  • Improved security
    Users can now only see the reports they're permitted to see based on their user access settings.
  • Find the right report faster
    The search function in the reports list now looks at report descriptions and not just report titles.
  • Consistent headings in exported reports
    When a report is exported to PDF or Excel, the column headings match those shown in the report in MYOB.

Bug fixes

  • The chosen accounting method now displays correctly in the Balance sheet and Profit and loss reports.
  • New business files in New Zealand now contain the correct default linked accounts. NEW ZEALAND
  • Files exported for accountants no longer cause an out of balance when imported.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing incorrect year-to-date figures to show in STP reports for previous payroll years. AUSTRALIA ONLY
  • Fixed an issue in invoice and quote PDFs that caused the Unit column to be missing and the number of units and amounts for lines where the unit price is $0.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in incorrect line amounts when changing the Tax inclusive/exclusive option and the tax rate was negative and larger than 100 (such as setting ABN tax code to -147%).
  • Tax amounts are no longer duplicated in the Customer sales (detail) report where an invoice has multiples lines.
  • Editing detail accounts no longer changes the parent header account. ACCOUNTRIGHT BROWSER
  • Fixed a bug that was causing STP Phase 1 figures to show in the YTD verification report for businesses who had moved to STP Phase 2. AUSTRALIA ONLY
  • Amounts no longer show more than 2 decimal places on the EOFY finalisation tab in the STP reporting centre. AUSTRALIA ONLY
July 2022


  • Quicker payroll reconciliation AUSTRALIA ONLY
    The Payroll advice report has been renamed the Pay run activity report and now includes:

    • a grand total of pay amounts within the selected payment date range, showing totals for Gross pay, PAYG, Deductions, Net pay and Superannuation. This means you'll be able to match these amounts more easily against your bank statements. Filter by employee to see these totals for a single employee.
    • the ability to generate the report by Payment date or Pay period, giving you more flexibility when reviewing your employees' pay history.


  • View past pay runs directly from your Dashboard
    Click View pay runs on your Dashboard to open the Pay runs page, where you can see all of your past pay runs.
  • Automatically keeping you compliant with super for under 18s 
    Employees aged under 18 who are paid weekly and have worked less than or equal to 30 hours in the week will no longer have super calculated in their pay.
  • If you have inactive or terminated employees, you'll be compliant if you move to STP Phase 2
    Inactive and terminated employees (paid in the current payroll year) will now be included in the employee details check when moving to STP Phase 2. You'll be prompted to send an update event after moving to STP Phase 2 to ensure the ATO has your employees' latest year-to-date payroll information. Also, whenever you send an update event, the year-to-date payroll totals for inactive and terminated employees (paid in the current payroll year) are now included.
  • Identify negative ETP amounts more easily in STP reporting
    The YTD verification and Summary of payments reports now show which ETP amounts are negative.


  • Quickly identify hidden bank feed transactions ACCOUNTRIGHT BROWSER
    You can now view bank feed transactions you've hidden in your AccountRight desktop software.

Tax/GST codes

  • It's easier to keep your tax/GST codes list tidy
    You can now delete tax/GST codes that haven't been used in transactions, accounts, items or contacts. Find out more: AU | NZ.

Bug fixes

  • The Coding report no longer shows duplicates of some matched transactions. The totals on this report now match those on the Bank transactions page.
  • The Bank reconciliation report now shows the outstanding deposits and withdrawals, as well as the expected balance, for liability accounts like credit cards and loans.
  • Only the Advisor user from a practice will appear in the Users list after upgrading. Other users from that practice will now always be hidden if they have the same practice email domain name. MYOB ESSENTIALS UPGRADERS
  • You can now export the Job profit and loss comparison report as a PDF or Excel file when you choose a single job or select the Consolidate jobs option.
  • If you invite another advisor with the same email domain, it will no longer be duplicated on the Users page. 
  • When you create an item with the Buying price is option marked as Tax exclusive and include it in a purchase order it now calculates the price correctly. 
June 2022


  • Keeping you compliant for the new payroll year
    The tax tables have been automatically updated and will apply for pays dated 1 July 2022 onwards.

  • Avoid mistakes when fixing termination payments
    You'll now be prevented from entering negative Employment Termination Payment (ETP) amounts to fix a previously recorded ETP pay, and you’ll be prompted to reverse the incorrect pay instead. Learn about fixing ETPs.
  • Helping you stay compliant with super for under 18s
    If a pay run includes an employee aged under 18, an alert now appears advising you to check how much super you need to pay them. Learn about paying super for under 18s.
  • Helping you automate the super rate increase
    If you're currently paying 10%-10.5% super guarantee, when you do a pay run dated 1 July 2022 or later the new calculation basis of Minimum required rate will be automatically selected in your super guarantee pay items and the super amount will be updated to the new required minimum rate of 10.5%. You can also select this calculation basis manually if you need to. Once it's selected, any future rate increases will be handled automatically. Learn how to stay compliant with super increases.

Tax/GST codes

  • Easier to track the taxes that apply to your business
    You can now create new tax/GST codes (except consolidated ones) to suit your business needs. Find out more: AU | NZ.


  • More useful GST reporting. In the GST return report the W2 label now includes ETP tax withholding amounts. Also, if you've moved to STP Phase 2, the W1 label on the report now includes STP Phase 2 amounts. AUSTRALIA ONLY   

  • Easier to read exported reports. If a report is exported to PDF and has more than one page, the column headings now appear on all pages. Also, wrapped text in longer columns will now start on a new page, to keep the related info together.
  • More efficient report packs. If a custom report is included in a report pack, the date range for the report pack is used for all reports in the pack – including the custom report.
  • Quickly identify if the exported Balance sheet is using the Cash accounting method. If you export the Balance sheet report for the Cash accounting method, the report will display Cash mode in the PDF or Excel file.


  • Save time entering CC email addresses every time you email
    You can now save one or more CC Email addresses in your customer and supplier contact records.
  • Avoid errors when entering email addresses in contacts
    If you accidentally put a space at the start of an email address, this will no longer cause and error. You'll quickly see if you've entered the same email address twice.


  • Keep your customer notes list free of duplicates
    If you try to create a note that has the same note name or note text as an existing note, you'll see a message and won't be able to save it. This keeps your notes list easier to manage.

Bank transactions

  • Easier to match bank transactions
    If a close match isn't found when matching a bank transaction, you can see other transactions you can match to without having to change the Show filter.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the 3-letter code in an edited Tax/GST code wasn't being saved as capitalised.
  • When you export the General ledger report, the option to display accounts with zero balances now works as expected.
  • Changes to the Description of transaction for an allocated bank transaction on the Bank transactions page are now saved.
  • When viewing transactions in the Balance sheet and Cash movement reports, super payment transactions are now displayed correctly in the Debit and Credit columns and are included in the ending balance. AUSTRALIA ONLY
  • The following changes have been made to the Year-to-date verification report in the STP reporting centre, making it easier to reconcile with the Payroll summary report when finalising your payroll AUSTRALIA ONLY
    • salary sacrifice amounts are now excluded from total salary and wages
    • reportable employer super contributions (RESC) and salary sacrifice amounts have been removed from STP Phase 2 W1 deductions
    • ETP taxable component amounts are no longer doubled for STP Phase 2
May 2022

Superannuation AUSTRALIA ONLY

  • Helping you automate the super rate increase. A new option has been added to your super guarantee pay item to automatically increase the rate to 10.5% for pays dated 1 July onwards Understand your next steps...

  • Simplifying super calculations. The $450 super earnings threshold is automatically removed from super calculations for pays dated 1 July onwards Learn more...

  • Helping you stay compliant with ATO super reporting. The correct ATO reporting category is now set as the default for all super guarantee pay items Learn more...


  • Send all your invoices at once
    Select multiple invoices on the Invoices page and email them in bulk. This is great if you use  recurring invoices  or if you like to send your invoices in a batch on a particular day of the week.


  • Easier STP reconciliation. An STP Category column has been added to the Payroll activity and Payroll summary reports, so you can compare an employee's ATO reporting category amounts in MYOB Business to what's been reported to the ATO. The Payroll summary report also now has subtotals for each ATO reporting category. AUSTRALIA ONLY

  • Helping you avoid errors when running business reports. If you click an account total in the Profit and loss, Balance sheet or Cash movement reports and change the Date from field to before the opening balance date of your business you now receive a warning message.

Usability improvements

  • Know when you've reached the character limit in employee notes. The Notes field now prevents you from entering more than 255 characters, saving you time and effort redoing changes. AUSTRALIA ONLY

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to skip reporting a previous BMS ID (Business Management Software Identifier) when setting up STP Phase 2. AUSTRALIA ONLY
  • When you create a note in a new or existing invoice, unsaved changes to the invoice will not be lost.
  • You can now add a new line to existing general journal or spend money recurring transactions.
  • When you click an account total in the Profit and loss report using the Cash accounting method, the opening balance now resets in the first financial year following the opening balance date year and displays accurate beginning and running balances.
  • When you click an account total in the Profit and loss report using the Accrual accounting method, the opening balance now resets without you needing to start a new financial year and displays accurate beginning and running balances.

  • When you select all transactions at once when matching banking transactions, the Match amount and Subtotal now show the expected amounts.

April 2022

Electronic payments

  • Easily identify and add missing account details when creating bank files NEW ZEALAND
    You'll see an indicator confirming if the bank details are complete in the account you're paying from. If something's missing, you can easily add it.

  • Quickly enable ABA files for an account when processing electronic payments AUSTRALIA ONLY
    If the account you've chosen when creating a bank file doesn't have ABA files enabled, you'll see a message that something's missing. Clicking the message shows the account details with the option I create ABA bank files for this account automatically selected. Once you've confirmed and saved the account details, you'll be able to create ABA files using this account.


  • Access customer details straight from the Invoices page. When viewing your list of invoices, you can now click a customer's name to check or edit their details.
  • Avoid mistakes in customer email addresses. If you enter an invalid email address in a customer's record, you'll see a warning.


  • Easily see the accounting method when viewing an account's transactions in the Profit and loss, Balance sheet or Cash movement reports.
  • Easier transaction review in the Profit and loss, Balance sheet and Cash movement reports. We've added the Tax amount and Balance columns when you expand these reports to view transactions.

Bug fixes

  • All menu items now show consistently when accessed from the reports area
  • Exports for accountants in the format of MYOB AE MAS now include quantities
  • If you've moved to STP Phase 2, the Payrun activity report now shows the correct ATO reporting categories
  • You can now successfully set or update the linked contact in a tax code
  • The Balance sheet report, when viewed in cash mode, is now showing correct balances for the GST account if multiple credit or debit notes have been applied to an invoice or bill
  • You now see the correct Beginning balance when viewing an account in the P rofit and loss, Balance sheet or Cash movement reports even if there are no recorded transactions in the selected date range.

  • The Favourite reports tab now shows your favourite reports when you open it for the first after logging in
  • Rounding amounts in invoices no longer causes the error, 'An unbalanced transaction may not be recorded'
  • You no longer receive the error, 'Accounts_IndustryShouldNotBeEmpty', when creating an account on the Bank transactions page or when entering an invoice or bill MYOB ESSENTIALS UPGRADERS
March 2022

Single Touch Payroll Phase 2

  • Easily move to STP Phase 2
    Ready to make the move to STP Phase 2? We'll step you through the process and let you know if anything needs fixing so you stay compliant. You've got until the end of 2022 so you can make the move when it suits you. AUSTRALIA ONLY


  • Declutter your invoice PDFs
    If you're not giving a customer a discount, the Discount column won't show when you download, print or email a PDF of your invoice.


  • More accounts eligible for bank feeds. You can now apply for a bank feed when your bank account number is longer than nine digits.
  • Fewer errors when entering bank account details. The bank code now defaults to uppercase (for example, 'anz' is now automatically changed to 'ANZ'), meaning you won't get an error.
  • Quickly identify and add missing account details when creating bank (ABA) files. The link to add missing details is now easier to find. AUSTRALIA ONLY
  • Edit bank accounts without disrupting your workflow. When you have to add or edit bank details when creating bank (ABA) files, you can now do this without having to leave the current page. AUSTRALIA ONLY


  • Tailor the General Ledger report to reflect your accounting method. Choose Cash as the accounting method to see your General Ledger report calculated on a cash basis.

  • Better understand your GST Return report. A new disclaimer outlines what information is and isn’t included in the report.

Usability improvements

  • Spend less time puzzling over errors and warnings. We've improved lots of messages in the product to make them more meaningful and helpful.
  • Clearly distinguish between multiple email addresses in a contact. When you enter an email address, it's shown as a tile so that it's easier to see multiple email addresses.

Bug fixes

  • When you update a recurring transaction template the tax inclusive/exclusive setting is now remembered

  • Saving new default payment terms in an invoice no longer clears all payment options in your sales settings 
  • Receive money transaction line amounts now display correctly based on the tax inclusive/exclusive setting
  • The linked account for customer payments now appears by default when recording a customer payment
  • The Balance sheet report, when viewed in cash mode, is now showing correct balances for payables and receivables accounts
  • You can now create a new budget or open an existing budget if it contains inactive parent header accounts
  • When creating a general journal transaction, you can now successfully prefill from a recurring transaction template

February 2022

Electronic payments

  • Quickly identify and add missing account details when creating bank (ABA) files AUSTRALIA ONLY
    You'll see an indicator confirming if the bank details are complete in the account you're paying from. If something's missing, you can easily add it.


  • Email invoice PDFs
    When you email an invoice, a PDF version is automatically attached.
  • Set and forget invoice options
    MYOB Business remembers whether or not your invoice amounts are tax inclusive and whether you email a copy of the invoice to yourself. Next time you create an invoice, it will use the same settings.
  • Duplicate or email an invoice from a locked period, without having to change lock date settings.
  • Find your eInvoices quickly EARLY ADOPTERS ONLY
    Filter by invoice type when viewing the Invoices page.


  • Quickly see if you owe money to the ATO or IRD, or if you'll get a refund
    The GST Return report now shows Payment or Refund in the Total column.

  • Know who owes you money and how much is due
    Expand the Receivables with tax report to see the transactions that make up each customer's balance, along with their ageing periods. Reconcile your receivables more easily using the Receivables account and Out of balance amounts.

  • See who you owe money to and how much is due
    Expand the Payables with tax report to see the transactions that make up each supplier's balance, along with their ageing periods. Reconcile your payables more easily using the Payables account and Out of balance amounts.

Bug fixes

  • Clicking Prefill from recurring in a receive money transaction now works as expected.

  • The beginning and ending balances in the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Cash Movement reports are now correct when viewing in cash mode.

  • Each tax code in a consolidated tax code is now displayed separately in the GST report. This makes it easier to report these amounts to the ATO. AUSTRALIA ONLY

  • If you changed the tax amount for a transaction before upgrading MYOB Essentials, or in the AccountRight desktop app, the correct amount of tax is now shown and the transaction is marked as read only. AUSTRALIA ONLY MYOB ESSENTIALS UPGRADERS ACCOUNTRIGHT BROWSER


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Last updated: 27 March 2023