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New Zealand only

Once you've processed a pay or created a new employee, you need to ensure the information you've submitted is successfully processed by Inland Revenue (IR)


To view the status of a payday filing submission
  1. Go to Payroll > Payday filing.
  2. Click the Employment information submissions tab to see your payday filing submissions and their statuses.
  3. Click a submission to see more details.

Statuses explained

Not submitted

The information has not been submitted to IR. It's likely the pay run was processed by someone who hasn't set up payday filing.

You need to set up payday filing to submit this to IR.

SubmittedThe information has been received by IR.No action required.
RejectedIf things don't go to plan, you might get an error or two. Not to worry, we'll help you out.See Errors in payday filing - NZ