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The Payroll area is where you pay your employees and keep track of their payroll information.

Before you can start doing pay runs, there are a few setup tasks you'll need to do. This ensures your pays are correct and you stay on top of your reporting obligations.

Learn all about setting up: Payroll in Australia | Payroll in New Zealand

(Australian example shown)

Pay your team

Once you're set up, you're ready to pay your team by doing a pay run. You can fine tune each pay by including things like leave or bonuses.

Throw away your calculator as MYOB works out everything, including tax and deductions. All the bits and pieces that make up your payroll are taken care of. And whenever the tax rates change, they'll be automatically updated in MYOB.

You can print or email your employees' pay slips, so they'll know when they've been paid and how much they've received.

For Australian businesses using timesheets, take a look at MYOB Team. It syncs to your MYOB business so your employees can submit their hours, request leave and view rosters and pay slips—straight from their mobile phones.

Review payroll

After you've paid your employees, you can use MYOB to review your payroll with reports and past pays (Reporting menu > Reports > Payroll tab). Keep track of how much you're paying your employees, how much leave they've used or accrued, and how much tax you've deducted.

You can also view, re-print or re-send pay slips from past pay runs.

(Australian example shown)

Superannuation and Kiwisaver

Whether it's Australian superannuation or New Zealand Kiwisaver – MYOB calculates it for you.

MYOB is fully compliant with all the rules, so once you're set up you'll know the right amounts are going to the right employees.

Learn all about setting up Superannuation (AU) | Kiwisaver (NZ)

Payroll reporting

Easily report your payroll to the government each time you do a pay run. Whether it's Single Touch Payroll (STP) in Australia or payday filing in New Zealand, MYOB helps you stay on top of your reporting obligations.

Find out about setting up Single Touch Payroll (AU) | Payday filing (NZ)

(Australian example shown)