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The Bills page is used to manage your business's purchases. In MYOBbills are payments related to a supplier—for example, purchases made, bills or invoices you’ve received from a supplier.

You first need to create the purchase as a bill in MYOB, then you can pay the bill.

Take a look at this quick overview of bills:

Don't need to create a bill?

If you need to enter payments that aren’t associated with your suppliers (for example, telephone bills and bank charges), enter these as Spend Money payments. For more information see Spend money.

See the following sections for more information about:

You can also use the options in the Purchases menu to complete a number of related tasks:

  • Pay bills—click to enter a supplier payment on the Bill payment page. For more information see Entering payments made to suppliers.
  • Process supplier returns—click to process returns on the Supplier returns page. For more information see Processing supplier returns.
  • Items—click to display your items list on the Items page. For more information see Items.