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Checking your MYOB OnTheGo service is the first step when using the diagnostic tool.

To check that the MYOB OnTheGo service is running
  1. Go to Start > Services. The Services window opens.

  2. Locate MYOB OnTheGo API Service and check its status.

To start the MYOB OnTheGo service
  1. If the MYOB OnTheGo API Service is stopped, start it by right-clicking on the service and selecting Start.
    The Startup Type is set to Automatic (deferred). This will avoid problems with the service not being started in the future.

    If the service is simply started, this will correct the current issue but may mean that the MYOB OnTheGo Service isn’t started after the next server restart.

    If the MYOB OnTheGo API Service remains in the starting state, wait for 5 minutes for it to finish starting. If a message appears saying that a service is taking too long to start, click OK and continue to wait for 5 minutes.

    If the service takes 5 minutes to start, there is probably internet access issues.

    If the service does not start, force it to stop and then start it again.
To stop the MYOB OnTheGo service
  1. Open a command prompt.

  2. Run the command sc queryex “MYOB Invoices API Service”.

  3. Note the indicated PID.

  4. Run taskkill/f/pid “pid-number” (where pid-number is that obtained in Step 3.

  5. When the service is stopped, start it again.

What to do if the MYOB OnTheGo service is missing

If MYOB OnTheGo API Service is not listed in the Services window:

  1. Open a command prompt.

  2. Go to the MYOB OnTheGo folder. By default this is c:\Program Files (x86)\MYOB\OntheGoPremise\

  3. Run “CloudBurst.Premise.ConsoleHost.exe install”. This operation will install the service again.

If you receive a message that the service already exists:

  1. Run “CloudBurst.Premise.ConsoleHost.exe uninstall”.

  2. Then run “CloudBurst.Premise.ConsoleHost.exe install”.

  3. Finally run “CloudBurst.Premise.ConsoleHost.exe start” once the service is installed.