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Once you've set up online payments, here's how to access the Merchant Portal from MYOB AccountRight and MYOB Essentials:

Accessing from AccountRight

Accessing the Merchant Portal from within AccountRight differs depending on whether you're already set up for online payments.

If you're not currently set up for online payments, the easiest way to access the Merchant Portal is click the Get set up button in the Sales window. Note that you must be the business owner to set up online payments.

If you are set up for online payments, and perhaps looking to verify your bank account or edit your business details, access the Merchant Portal by going to the Setup menu > Preferences, click the Emailing tab and then click Edit payment options. Log in to the Merchant Portal using your MYOB account details.
Accessing from Essentials

The easiest way to access the Merchant Portal from MYOB Essentials is from the Payment options tab on the Invoice and quote settings page. Then click Edit your online payment options.

Your Online Payments Merchant Portal will open, where you can choose your payment options, enter your bank and business details and edit that information at any time.

For more information on the sign-up process, see Set up online payments.

From the Online Payments Merchant Portal, you can