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MYOB PDF Manager is a fast, simple, cost-effective solution for managing PDF documents. You can use it to create, collate and save PDF files in any size or type of accounting firm. PDFs are produced from any type of software, for example, tax returns, letters and spreadsheets to create secure, protected documents that can’t be changed and can be safely emailed. It is a scanning solution for all practices wanting to move towards a paperless office.

MYOB PDF Manager allows you to combine multiple documents into a single PDF file. You can collate all work associated with a client (for example, a client letter, tax return and financial statements) into a single file. This makes it easy for everyone to access and understand, and it can be sent directly to clients.

There is no need to print documents and mail them to clients or others; you can simply attach to an email and send, saving time, cost and paper. You can use it to add watermarks on documents (for example, to signify a “Draft” set of accounts).

MYOB PDF Manager automatically saves PDF files directly into the practice or document management system to which it is integrated. “Save with” works with MYOB AE, MYOB AO, MYOB AO Classic, Profiles and Document Manager. This saves time and makes information easy to find.

PDF Manager is easy to implement and use. Practices can install the software unassisted and no training is required. Self-paced online learning is provided with the product for everyone to use.

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