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The Maintain Contact Addresses window lists all addresses for the selected client, contact or supplier, grouped by address type. It enables you to edit, add, share, unlink and delete each address.

(AE) The same Maintain Contact Addresses window is used for clients, contacts and suppliers. The procedures used are essentially the same for all three contact types.

(AE) Your ability to add, delete and modify addresses using the Maintain Contact Addresses window is controlled by security settings configured in Maintenance > Security > Task Permissions.

To add a new address
  1. Open the Maintain Contact Addresses window. See Opening the Maintain Contact Addresses window.
  2. Click Add new address.
  3. Select the required Address Type from the drop-down (for example, Postal).
  4. Enter the address details in Line1, Line2 and Line3.
  5. Enter the Suburb / Town.

  6. Enter the State.

  7. Enter the Postcode.

  8. Enter the Country, if appropriate.

  9. Click Save to save the details and add the address to the table.
    Click Cancel to discard the entries for this address without saving.

  10. Repeat from Step 2. to add more addresses.

  11. Click Close when finished.