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Accountants Enterprise only

The Add New Supplier Wizard is your starting point to add a supplier to the database. There are six steps involved in adding a new supplier:

Step 1 and step 2 are the mandatory steps in the Add New Supplier Wizard. On completion of step 2, click Finish to save the new supplier with any details entered up to that point. This creates the initial supplier record. Additional information can be added or edited at a later stage on the individual tabs of the Supplier page.

All suppliers created using the wizard can be searched for, opened and worked on at any time outside the wizard in the usual way.

Cancel the supplier creation at any time in the wizard by clicking Cancel. While adding a new supplier, you can modify information in previous steps by clicking Back.

When working through the Add New Supplier Wizard, you cannot leave the current step until the mandatory fields are completed. A warning icon  is displayed beside the mandatory fields. Complete these fields, then click Next to proceed.

Opening the Add New Supplier Wizard

To open the Add New Supplier Wizard

The Add New Supplier Wizard can be opened in a number of ways:

  • Select FileNew > Supplier from the main menu.

  • Select ContactNew > Supplier on the toolbar.

  • Click [Ctrl]+S.

  • Click the Create supplier option on the Tasks bar when the Find Suppliers page or a Supplier page > Main tab is open.

The Add New Supplier Wizard opens on Step 1—Personal details and responsibility.