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Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

Managers can allocate work using the Assignment Schedule window. Changes are made in the Allocations window and are displayed in the Employee Planner.

To allocate work from a schedule
  1. Find and open the assignment. See Finding and opening assignments. The Assignment Details page opens.

  2. Click the Schedule tab.

  3. Select the Schedule you want from the drop-down.

  4. Select the Stage that you want to allocate resources to.

  5. Click Allocations on the TASKS bar. The Allocations - Planning window opens.

  6. Enter the Employee Name. To find and open the employee click the ellipse button in the Employee Name field to open the Find Employees window. See Finding and opening employee records. The selected employee’s name is displayed in the Employee Name field.

  7. Press [Tab]. The remaining fields in the Allocations window update automatically.

    If the employee’s category does not exist in a stage, the Stage Category will not be displayed for this employee.

  8. Modify the allocated Hours, if necessary.

  9. Modify the Due Start date if it is not the expected start date of the task.

  10. Press [Tab] (or [Enter]) until the employee’s details are displayed below the current line.

  11. Repeat step 6 to 10 until all the work is allocated.

  12. Click close Allocations window . The Allocations window closes.

  13. Click OK. The Schedule window closes.