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Once you start doing work for a contact, they cannot remain as a contact in the database. They must be changed to a client so that the work you do for them can be tracked and charged.

A Contact is only accessed by their name as they don't have a code. When they are converted to a client, you must allocate a Client code.

To change a contact into a client
  1. Find and open the contact. See Finding and opening clients and contacts.

  2. Click Convert to client on the Tasks bar. The Convert contact to client window opens.

  3. Enter a client code for the contact in the Code field. The code must be a unique entry in the database or an error message is displayed.

  4. Click OK. The Convert contact to client window closes. The contact is changed to a client. A Client page displays the contact as a client.

  5. Complete the information in each tab for the new client as required.

  • After changing contacts into clients, you should review each tab of the newly created client and add any other information required.
  • In AO, after changing contacts into clients, PM automatically creates the None job. If additional jobs are needed, you will need to add them.
  • In AE, you will need to add assignments before recording any time spent on work for them.