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Every person or entity that the practice associates with should have a record created for them in the database. The database is made up of clients and contacts, all of whom have some sort of interaction with the practice.

The differences between clients and contacts are:


Clients are are individuals or companies that the practice carries out work for. They must have a client code assigned to them.

Clients can be divded into two types:

  • Chargeable clients who may be billed by the practice.

  • Internal clients who are used to hold all non-chargeable costs of the practice such as annual leave, sick leave, study leave, training and administrative costs.


Contacts are individuals or companies that the practice may come into contact with.

They may be suppliers of products or services to the business such as: banks, solicitors and tax agents or prospective clients that the practice wants to keep in the database.

The Contact details page can be used to record their name, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and so on. When converting a contact to a client, this information will flow through to their Client details page.

When you need to create new clients or contacts, you can use the Create Client/Contact wizard to guide you through the process.