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Accountants Enterprise only

Templates can only be added to blank schedules.

To create a schedule from a template
  1. Find and open the assignment. See Finding and opening assignments. The Assignment Details page opens.

  2. Click the Schedule tab.

  3. Add the schedule details. See Adding schedules to assignments — other* modes. You are returned to the Assignment Details page > Schedule tab.

  4. Select the newly created blank Schedule from the drop-down.

  5. Click Add from template on the Tasks bar. The Add from Schedule Templates window opens.

  6. Select the Template from the drop-down. The templates would already have been created. See Setting up schedule templates.

  7. Select which stages from the template to include as part of the schedule.

  8. Click the relevant checkboxes adjacent to the listed stages.

  9. Click Add. The schedule table is filled with the template information.

  10. Edit the information as required.

  11. Click OK to save the information and close the Assignment Details page.