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New clients and contacts are created using the (AO) Create Client/Contact Wizard, the (AE) Create Client Wizard, or the (AE) Create Contact Wizard. These enable you to enter the basic details required to create the client or contact.

While using the wizard, the data is not saved until you have entered all the mandatory information and clicked Finish. Until then, clicking Cancel closes the wizard and your information is lost.

Once you have created your clients and contacts with the wizard, you can add or edit their details at any time by opening the specific tabs within the client or contact page.

Mandatory fields

Mandatory fields are identified by a small red triangle and must be completed before you can move to the next step in the wizard. If you attempt to move on without completing the field, the warning icon will be displayed beside the field.

The information that is mandatory is:

  • Type — Person or Organisation.

  • Code — the client/contact (AO Australia) code used by the system.

  • Last Name (where Type = Person).

  • Main Name (where Type = Organisation).

Additional mandatory fields can be set up by your system administrator to capture information required by your practice. They are set up from MaintenanceMaintenance MapUser defined > Extra Fields.