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Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

You can use the Job Manager as a central point to plan and manage your workload. You can also create a timesheet from the Job Manager so that you can keep track of time spent as you work on various tasks.

To create a timesheet from Job Manager
  1. Click Jobs on the toolbar. The Job Manager page opens.

  2. Right-click on the selected job listed on the Job Sheet table and select Create Timesheet. The Timesheet Time Entry window opens. The title of the window shows whether you are using a daily or calendar timesheet. The Timesheet Time Entry fields are automatically filled with the details of the client and assignment.

  3. Make any adjustments to the fields, as required.

  4. Click the timer entry start button to start the timer clock. The Timesheet Daily Time Entry window can be minimised while you are completing your task.

  5. Click the timer entry stop button to stop the timer. When you have completed your task maximise the Timesheet Daily Time Entry window to use the Stop button.

  6. Enter information about the task you completed in the Comments field.

  7. Click Apply. The recorded time is added as an entry to your timesheet.

  8. Click OK. The Timesheet Time Entry window closes.