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In Accountants Enterprise (AE) and Accountants Office (AO), you can edit the client Name and Code from the Main tab of the client page. This can be done for both Person and Organisation contact types.

(AO) You will not be able to change the client Type. Once a client is created as a Person you will not be able to change them to an Organisation in the Amend Client Name window and vice versa. The Contact Type field is disabled.

If you're using AE integrated with Profiles/Contacts, you will not be able to edit the Client Code. By default, the Client Code field in the Amend Client Name window in Practice Manager is disabled. The field is disabled as changing the client code results in losing the link to any work files in Compliance Management, for example, tax returns and MYOB AE Accounts ledger etc.

To edit the client name or code
  1. Find and open the client. See Finding and opening clients and contacts.

  2. From the Main tab of the client record, click Edit client detail on the TASKS bar. The Amend Client Name window opens.

  3. Make the required changes to the client name or code, then click OK to save the changes.