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Accountants Enterprise only

You can modify a saved payment run by retrieving it and changing the details as necessary.

To edit a saved payment run
  1. Select BookkeepingCreditors > Creditors Payment Run on the main menu. The Create Payment List window opens.
  2. Select the Payment Type (Cheque or BACS/BPAY).
  3. Click the Saved Payment Runs checkbox. The Saved Payment Runs drop-down displays all saved payment runs. Other optional filter criteria are provided.

  4. Select the payment run from the drop-down list.

  5. Click Next. The Payment Run window opens for the selected payment run.

  6. Select the Company from the drop-down.

  7. Select the Bank account from the drop-down.

  8. Enter a unique Payment Number. All the qualifying outstanding payments are listed.

    The unique Payment Number is used to access the payment run at a later stage.

  9. You can change the detail in either a Cheque or BACS/BPAY payment run and then optionally enter a Payment Number and save the information.

  10. Save the Payment Run when satisfied with the changes.