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Accountants Enterprise only

The Employee Ledger is used for creating payments to employees for expenses incurred on behalf of a client or business. You can make adjustments, enter payments and view the employee’s ledger details.

The Employee Expense Payments or Ledger window can be accessed from the Bookkeeping > Employee Ledger menu or the Tasks bar option from the Employee page > Main tab.

The Employee Expense Payments or Ledger window contains options that control which window is shown and the tasks that can be performed in each:

  • Select Payments to display the Employee Expense Payments window. In this window you can enter payment details for employee reimbursements.

  • Select Ledger to display the Ledger window. In this window you can view payment history for the employee, with details such as the payment status and the status of any disputes about the payments.

You can perform the following tasks:

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