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Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

The Entry Status and Authorisation buttons described here are used with timesheets, disbursements and expenses through the various stages to billing.

The Entry Status is updated from Draft when you consider that the details on the sheet are ready for authorisation.

Click this link to launch a self-paced online learning Show Me demonstration. (Adobe Flash player required.)

Button descriptions




Entry Status field

The Draft status is displayed when you create a new sheet and it remains while you add, edit and delete entries.

It remains as Draft until you click Submit.

Entry Status field

Click Submit to send the sheet for authorisation or approval. You can return to Draft status by clicking Draft when the sheet is in the Submit status.

Only those with the appropriate access permissions can update a sheet through the following stages:

Authorisation Status panel

The sheet has been submitted by the employee and is awaiting review.

Authorisation Status panel

Click  Approve to send the sheet for posting.

Authorisation Status panel

Click  Unauthorised to change the status back to Submitted so that you can add detail.

Authorisation Status panel

Click  Held-Up to stop progress. To change from Held-up, click Authorised.

Post now


Posting panel and Authorisation Status panel

Click to send the sheet for billing.


Posting panel

Click to return the sheet to the employee for corrections.