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Accountants Office with Practice Manager only

A job is defined as work delegated to an individual and managed on a divisional or practice basis. This work can relate to either a single entity or to an entity group. This type of work is often discussed at weekly team WIP meetings.

Job types are defined in Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Job type > Job Type Templates.

The Jobs tab is used to open, add (see Adding jobs (AO)), create and maintain (see Editing job details in Job Manager and Deleting jobs) jobs for clients. The page displays information in two tables. The top table lists jobs highlighted in light blue, accompanied by the milestones associated with each job. The bottom table is the Preview panel which lists job details.

Right-click anywhere in either table to open a right-click menu from which you can choose field chooser options (see Field Chooser options) to add or remove columns from the list.

This tab shows a client’s open jobs as well as Posted WIP and Total WIP.

You cannot delete a job from the Find Jobs results window. You can only delete jobs from the Client page > Jobs tab.

To view details of all jobs including completed jobs
  1. Open the Client page > Jobs tab.

  2. Click the Include Completed Jobs checkbox.
    This adds all jobs to the list.

To view the details of a specific job
  1. Open the Client page > Jobs tab.

  2. Double–click the job row. The Edit Job window opens.