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Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

The Nominal tab is only available on the Assignment Details page.

This tab is not used in countries/companies where there is integration with MAS for the General Ledger.

From the Nominal tab you can assign, maintain and/or delete the company’s nominal account for the open assignment. This information is used when raising bills against the assignment for general ledger integration. All companies that have been set up in your system will be listed in this tab.

To add a new nominal account for a selected assignment
  1. Navigate to the Assignment Details page > Nominal tab.

  2. Click the Nominal column beside the company you want to assign an account to.

  3. Click the drop-down to display the available accounts.

  4. Select the required account.

The entries in the Nominal tab can be edited by changing the selection in the Nominal Accounts area for a company.

To delete a nominal account
  1. Navigate to the Assignment Details page > Nominal tab.

  2. Select the entry that will be deleted.

  3. Press [Delete]. The nominal account is removed from the field.

Nominal accounts are used for integration with your general ledger application and as such, should match the account codes used for your financial statements. These nominal accounts default from your assignment configuration settings and should not be altered without consulting your system administrator.

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