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MYOB AE/AO provides features to access MYOB’s online services. Every employee in your practice will require an MYOB Login to access MYOB’s online services like MYOB AE/AO Live.

For example, you can seamlessly manage each employee’s access rights to your clients’ AccountRight Live files. In order to access your clients’ AccountRight Live and Essentials data files through Client Accounting, your employee’s MYOB Login will need to be added as a File User to the selected AccountRight Live file.

What is AE/AO Live?

The Live functionality extends the capabilities of the practice solution by using the cloud to collaborate with your clients. So now you can:

  • Securely transfer documents.

  • Have your clients digitally sign documents from their office or on the go using a mobile device.

  • Builds a stronger relationship between you and your client by bringing your clients into your practice workflows.

See the MYOB Portal online help for more information on using AE/AO Live.