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Practice KPI provides an overview of the practice in a graphical format using the information in the database. You can see things at a glance at any point in time.

You can view the key performance indicators (KPI) associated with:

  • an employee (personal)

  • the partner/manager

  • the practice as a whole.

These views show the following information:





To view Practice KPI
  1. Click Practice KPI on the toolbar. The Practice Manager page opens.
  2. Select the Practice Manager view from the drop-down. The associated graphs are displayed.

  3. Use the right-click menu to customise the input data for the graph in the view. Each graph has an individual set of associated right-click menu options.

Saving and resetting the Practice KPI

Practice Manager only

You can make some changes to the views within Practice KPI, such as selecting display options and data filters.

Click Save homepage from the Tasks bar to keep these changes for the view.

Click Reset homepage from the Tasks bar to revert to the previous settings for that view.