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Accountants Enterprise only

You can print a client, contact, employee, assignment or supplier’s to do items by opening the To Do wizard from inside their page.

To preview and print To Do items
  1. Find and open the relevant client, contact, employee, assignment or supplier page.

  2. Click the To Do tab.

  3. Identify the To Do item and click its hyperlink in the Subject column. The To Do wizard opens on the Main tab by default.

  4. Click Print. The Print Options window opens.

  5. Click the History checkbox to include a list of the employees who were assigned the task and the person who assigned it to them, in the printed To Do item.

  6. Click the Notes History checkbox to include a chronological list of the changes (latest first) in the printed To Do item.

  7. Click Print Preview to view the output on-screen before sending it to a printer.
    Options at the top of this window allow you to:

    • zoom in or out for a better view.

    • view one, two, three, four or six page views.

    • print the preview.
    or Click Print to open a standard Windows print selection window where you can select the destination printer and the options available for the selected printer.
  8. Click OK. The To Do item is printed.

  9. Click Finish. The To Do wizard closes.