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Accountants Enterprise only

You may need to re-export a batch of exported transactions from MYOB AE Practice Manager.

You can only repeat an export by ID number and you cannot alter the content of the batch.

To repeat an export of transactions

    1. Select Bookkeeping > Export > Premier from the main menu.

      window opens.
    1. Click Show History bk_History_button.gif.

Export History
      window opens.
    1. Select the ID number related to the transactions you want to re-export.

    2. Click Regenerate Export RegenerateExpButton.gif.

    3. Click Yes to confirm the re-export

Browse Folder
      window opens.
    1. Browse to the Practice Manager Export Folder.

    2. Click Make New Folder.

    3. Right-click the New Folder and rename it with a date to identify the export files.

      For example, use the date naming convention of
       to identify ‘3 September 2012’.

    This will enable you to distinguish one folder from another by date.
  1. Click OK.

To re-export the batch of transactions.

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