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Accountants Enterprise only

You can reverse a payment entry. In case of an error in the original entry of the payment or if a cheque was cancelled, you can remove this transaction from the employee’s ledger.

Once you have reversed a payment, it is no longer in the system and cannot be reallocated later. Payments can be reversed across open or closed tax periods. The reversed payment can be viewed in the Ledger window when the employee is selected.

To reverse an employee payment
  1. Select Bookkeeping > Employee Ledger from the main menu. The Employee Expense Payments window opens.
  2. Click the Ledger option. The Ledger window opens. The Ledger window opens.
  3. Enter the Employee Code or Employee Name. The employee details and a list of all outstanding invoices are displayed. When the employee’s name is entered, the Employee Code is displayed automatically.
  4. Click the Show Zero checkbox. All transactions for the employee are listed, with invoices at the top and payments below.
  5. Select the payment that requires reversal.
  6. Click Reverse. The payment is reversed. An identical row is displayed in the Ledger table, but with a minus amount.