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The Rich Text Spell Checker enables you to spell check text entries as they are entered. If spelling errors are not highlighted, consult your system administrator as the Rich Text Spell Checker configuration key may have been disabled.

The Spell Checker is enabled by default and highlights spelling errors with a red underline.

To correct a spelling error
  1. Right-click the word underlined in red. A menu is displayed listing suggested corrections.
  2. Click the correct spelling on the menu to make the correction.

    If the desired word is not listed in the popup, then there are no recognised entries in the spell checker dictionary.

    If the word you have entered is not found in the dictionary it will remain highlighted with a red underline. If the spelling is correct you can:

    • add this word to the dictionary by right-clicking and selecting Add.
    • ignore the word (removing the underline) by selecting Ignore from the popup options.