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The Security Groups tab is only available on the Employee page.

The Security Groups tab displays the employee’s access rights to the database. You can modify and delete access rights using this tab.

Each employee must be assigned to a security group in order to obtain the necessary access permissions to use the database and carry out certain functions.

To assign or modify an employee's security group
  1. Find and open the employee. See Finding and opening employee records. The Employee page opens on the Main tab by default.
  2. Click the Security Groups tab.The Group field shows the default security group.
  3. Click OK to accept the security group.
    If you want to assign a different security group:
    1. Click the row containing the required security group.

    2. Click the ellipse button at the end of the row.The Find Security Group window opens.

    3. Click Search. Security Groups and their descriptions are displayed.
    4. Select the Security Group required.
    5. Click OK.
    6. The Security Group is displayed in the Security Groups tab.
    7. Click OK. To save and exit the Security Groups tab.

The employee is assigned the security permissions connected with the Security Group selected.