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Accountants Enterprise only

The stage category is the employee category that the stage can be allocated to.

When initially preparing the high-level plan for a client, the manager/partner typically models the activity around a perceived skill requirement. They will have a reasonable idea of the degree of competency and management a job will require and what level of employee should undertake the work.

When a stage is created, it defaults to the -Unspecified- employee category. This category enables any employee, irrespective of their category, to enter time for that stage.

You can change the employee category from -Unspecified- to a more appropriate employee category at any time—but only if there is no WIP captured against it. Multiple employee categories may be added to one stage if necessary.

Assignment managers use stage categories for budgeting, monitoring progress and deadlines and for marking off stages as Complete.

Employee(s) allocated the work manage the particular timesheet codes (tasks) attached to the stage. They also use timesheet entries to capture all time spent on the task(s).