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Accountants Enterprise only

Suppliers are individuals or organisations that provide your practice with goods or services. Suppliers might include stationers, specialist consulting services, courier services, maintenance contractors, etc.

When working with suppliers, your starting point is the Supplier page. From here you can view, edit and add information such as addresses, contact numbers, notes, activities, billing information and documents.

Creating and adding suppliers to the database

New suppliers are created using the Add New Supplier Wizard which enables you to enter the basic details required to create a supplier. Steps 1 and 2 of the wizard are mandatory. After you have completed step 2, you can save the supplier and close the wizard by clicking Finish. The supplier is created using the information entered in the wizard. You can cancel creating the supplier at any stage in the wizard process by clicking Cancel. Any information entered for the supplier is lost.

Once the supplier has been created, their details can be edited or added to at a later stage on the individual tabs of the Supplier page.