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Task Permissions are used to define securable features that can and cannot be accessed by each security group. They control access to the system by users. Permissions are either set as enabled or disabled and, depending on this setting and which group the employee belongs to, they can or cannot perform certain functions.

For example, the members of the Accountant group can access their employee task list, but can't access practice reports as well as the configuration menus, while a Manager group can run practice reports and access homepages specific to managers.

Within the Task Permissions, symbols are used when you add or alter task permissions to tell the system what you are referring to.

Symbols used in security settings

Symbols are used when you add or change task permissions to tell the system what you are referring to. The symbols are:

[ ]—brackets relate to options within a menu.

@—"at" symbols relate to the tabs within a page.

#—hash symbols relate to a function.

For example, the statement: #Client@Responsibility tells the system that you mean the Client page and the Responsibility tab on that page.