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The Tasks bar lists common tasks that are relevant to the data displayed in the content area. It is a dynamic list that changes as you navigate through the tabs and pages of Practice Manager.

Click on a task in the list to perform it. For example, click Clear Search to clear the current search and results from the content area.

The tasks displayed on the list are grouped under headings.

  • Click  to expand the tasks under the heading.

  • Click  to hide the tasks.

There are three common buttons at the top of the Tasks bar:




Export to Excel

To export the search results as data for a new worksheet in Microsoft Excel.


To refresh the display in the content area.


To preview and print the information displayed in the content area. For example, the list of search results on the Find Clients page.

On some pages, these buttons may be greyed out. This means that the button is not applicable for that page.

To hide the Tasks bar

You can change the way the Tasks bar is displayed to allow more area for the content. There are two ways to do this:

  • To switch the display of the Tasks bar on and off, select View > Task bar on the main menu.


  • To temporarily auto hide the Tasks bar, click . The Tasks bar is hidden from display and replaced by a Tasks button in the top left corner of the content area, as shown below.

    1. Click the Tasks button to show an auto hidden Tasks bar temporarily. The Tasks bar displays over the content area until you click anywhere in the content area.

    2. Click  to show an auto hidden Tasks bar as part of the display again.

The options available on the Tasks bar depend on which MYOB applications you have installed.