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The Tax Return tab is only available on the Client page.

(AE) This tab is only available if you have Tax integrated with AE and/or Practice Manager

The Tax Return tab provides access to tax returns and other associated information for any year of tax from 2005 to the current year. It also provides a summary of certain Lodgment and Assessment information applicable to the income year selected.

To open a tax return for data entry, click the particular year’s return in the Tax Returns table.

To update values in the Return Details, click the Refresh button in the Tasks bar after:

  • Setting the return to Complete

  • Lodging or receiving an Assessment

  • Calculating Tax.

To create a new tax return
  1. From the client Tax Returns tab, click Create Return on the Tasks bar. The Create Tax Return dialog opens.

  2. Select the tax year for the return in the Tax return year field.

  3. Select the type of return in the Return Type field.

  4. Click Create. The tax return window opens with the new tax return.