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Accountants Office with Practice Manager only

In Accountants Office, you create timesheets to record time spent on client jobs and tasks on a daily basis. You can create a timesheet for another employee if you have the security permission to do so.

There are two timesheet modes:

  1. Normal—time is calculated based on the time unit selected.

  2. Background—time units are automatically calculated based on the Start and End Time entered. In Background mode you can leave your timesheet open in the background while you are working on a task. Once the task is complete you can record the Start and End Time for the Client/Job.

Chargeable and non-chargeable details are entered directly into your timesheet in the top row of the table.

Press [Tab] or [Enter] to move to the next time entry fields.

To select background mode

Select Background Mode from the Tasks bar on your timesheet page.

To turn off background mode

Select Normal Mode from the Tasks bar on your timesheet page.