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Accountants Enterprise only

To Dos enable you to create, view and amend the tasks that are outstanding or completed for a contact (i.e., employee or assignment). Overdue schedules are displayed in red.

To Do items are customisable.

To Do tabs are available for contacts, clients, employees, suppliers and assignments. To Dos associated with the contact type can be accessed from the To Do tab in the relevant page.

To access the To Do page
  1. Click To Dos on the toolbar. The To Dos  page opens listing all of the To Do items associated with the practice for all contacts.
  2. Filter, sort and group the records in the To Do table. See Organising your data.

  3. Click the Show ALL outstanding tasks checkbox, if required.

  4. Use the right-click menu to select from the following views of To Do items to be displayed in the table:

    • To Do not yet complete

    • To Do completed today

    • To Do due to end today

    • Tasks due to start today

    • My started tasks

    • Show Non Chargeable.

  5. Select the Field Chooser option in the right-click menu to add or remove columns of information. See Customising a display table. The To Do table updates to reflect the changes.

    To export the To Do table to Microsoft Excel, select Export to excel from the right-click menu.

    To customise the table, see Customising a display table