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Accountants Enterprise only

Drag To Do from the Practice Manager Toolbox to your homepage.

This table displays all the tasks assigned to you, with the current status and due date for each.

Right-click the display to open a menu that enables you to set the following filter options:

  • Filter the screen by To Do not yet complete, To Do completed today, To Do due to end today, Tasks due to start today or My started tasks.

  • Show Non Chargeable To Do items.

  • Field Chooser enables you to select additional columns to be displayed in the To Do table.

  • Export the table to excel.

By customising your homepage to show the To Do option, you can print a list of tasks allocated to you.

To print a list of your tasks
  1. Customise your homepage, if you have not already done so, to show the To Do option.
  2. Right-click the Tasks table.
  3. Select Export to Excel from the right-click menu. Your tasks are displayed in a Microsoft Excel file.
  4. Format the list of tasks as required.
  5. Print the Microsoft Excel worksheet.