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Accountants Enterprise only

To Do Notes enable you to add quick comments on your homepage.

If you have Practice Manager, To Do items are initially set up using Maintenance > Miscellaneous > Code Types. They can be created, edited and printed for Clients, Contacts, Employees, Suppliers and Assignments.

Notes added on your homepage are not stored in the To Do wizard. They are identified by in the  column of a task in your homepage. They can be viewed by placing your cursor over the icon or double-clicking an icon to open a Notes window.

The following procedures are not applicable to standard homepage.

To list your To Do items on your homepage
  1. Select a homepage from Home on the toolbar. Your homepage opens.
  2. Click Customise homepage on the Tasks bar. The Toolbox opens.
  3. If necessary, click Common Tools to display the Common Tools options available.
  4. If necessary, click Practice Manager to display the Practice Manager options available.
  5. Click and drag the To Do option to your homepage. The To Do not yet complete table opens. By default, all your tasks that are not yet complete are listed.
  6. Resize and move the To Do not yet complete table and the columns within the table.
  7. Right-click the table and select one of the following options:
    • The type of To Do items to be listed in the table: To Do not yet complete, To Do completed today, To Do due to end today, Tasks due to start today or My started tasks.

    • Show Non Chargeable

    • Field Chooser enables you to select additional columns to be displayed in the table.

    • Export the table to excel.

      The Tasks due to start today and My started tasks options are valid only for schedule users. They are not valid for To Do users, although the options are displayed in the right-click menu.

  8. Close the Toolbox.

    The Toolbox must be closed for you to open your To Do items.

To open To Do items from your homepage
  1. Set up your To Do table on your homepage. See To list your To Do items on your homepage.
  2. Click a hyperlink in the Subject column. This opens the associated item in the To Do wizard for review or editing.
  3. View, edit or add notes to the To Do item as described in the Clients, Contacts, Suppliers and Assignments sections.
  4. Click Finish. The To Do wizard closes.
To add a To Do homepage note
  1. Open a homepage with the To Do not yet completed window displayed on it. The default My started tasks homepage is displayed unless you have customised it.
  2. Highlight the To Do item to which you want to add a comment.
  3. Double-click this To Do item’s  column. A Notes window opens.

  4. Add the text of your note text.

  5. Click  when finished. will be added to this item’s line in the  column.

    The comment can be quickly reviewed by placing your pointer over the . A small window will display the comment text.