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Accountants Enterprise only

The Toolbox is used to select the view options you would like to be displayed on your homepage, e.g., Job Sheet, KPI Data, etc.

To set up a display on your homepage
  1. Select a homepage from Home on the toolbar. Your homepage opens.
  2. Click Customise homepage on the Tasks bar. The Toolbox opens.
  3. Drag the option required (e.g., Web browser) from the Toolbox to the homepage.
  4. Resize the option’s display by dragging the sides and corners of the table to suit your needs.
To refresh/update the data display
  1. Click Refresh on the Tasks bar. All data on your homepage is updated and re-displayed.

Available options

What you can select and do with the Toolbox may be limited by your security group.

See the following areas for full descriptions of each option: