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Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

When you have completed the end of year process, you can prepare your system for a new year.

The hierarchy levels in Reporter enable you to enter Practice level data, that is then applied to all clients within your practice, and Client data that is specific to a single client. In entering the Practice level data your aim is to minimise data entry for all users, to minimise data errors and to achieve consistency in the way reports are presented. Practice level data includes items such as Year and Period start and end dates.

To update practice data for a new year
  1. Click on the Database Map tab.

  2. Select the ClientDetails table.

  3. Click on the View/Edit Database Map Data icon.

  4. Enter the correct information for the following data for the practice:

    • YearEndDate

    • PeriodStartDate
    • PeriodEndDate
  5. Click Apply.