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Article ID: 30193452

Accountants Office Suite
Accountants Enterprise Suite
AO Corporate Compliance (AU)
AE Corporate Compliance (AU)

ARTICLE LAST UPDATED: 15 February 2019 11:02:00 AM

When connecting to ASIC through Corporate Compliance, you may experience an issue where Corporate Compliance crashes before the connection is complete.

This may be caused by a change in the way ASIC issues client invoices, introduced on Monday, July 16th 2018.

ASIC now sends all invoices electronically, which will be downloaded by Corporate Compliance when you connect to ASIC. We've identified an issue where downloading the invoices will cause Corporate Compliance to crash during the connection.

This may affect other items downloaded during the connection such as Company Statements and Validation reports. If these are downloaded during a connection where Corporate Compliance crashes, these items may not appear in the software.

To avoid missing company statements, we strongly recommend tracking the company statements you receive to ensure that you can quickly identify any missing items and request replacement copies.

You can view a list of current statements via the ASIC online system or by requesting reports via Corporate Compliance to show the statements issued.

We've resolved this issue in MYOB_AEAO_CC_3.2.0.58_AU_Hotfix_KB30193452.exe. You can download this hotfix from the my.MYOB Product Downloads page.

Information on installing the hotfix is available in the Release Notes.

After a failed connection, if you receive a "Concurrency Exception" error when you next attempt to connect to ASIC, refer to KB 25648: Error: "Concurrency Exception: X:XX:XX XM - Lodgement is busy." for information on how to resolve this error.


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